In a corporate setting, every business needs to have a specific goal that every staff member is aware of. Goals can include improving customer service, changing marketing strategies, increasing return of investment or preparing for a product launch. Having a clearly defined goal and designating every member of the team with a specific role is the key for corporate success. It is also a model any successful CEO will attest to.

One of the key elements of goal-setting is organization. In a business setting, there is likely going to be a lot of multi-tasking involved, and if you don’t organize your priorities, you can quickly get sidetracked.

This is why most executive and life coaches recommend making a to-do list. You don’t need a pen and journal for this. MyLife Organizer is an app that makes it easy to keep record of your schedule; this way, you don’t have to remember everything by memory.

So what exactly is myLife Organizer? It is a calendar and reminders app with a plethora of features that make it extremely efficient to plot and organize your entire schedule weeks in advance. With this easy-to-use app, you can integrate a reminder system into your calendar, customize your own digital sticky notes and create a schedule using a simple drag-and-drop feature.

MyLife Organizer is also available in multiple languages. With this neat little app, you will be able to keep track of work related events and agendas as well as personal commitments, such as attending a birthday party or dinner date. With the calendar feature, you will also be notified of upcoming holidays including prominent holidays outside the U.S. You can even create your own calendar groups and share your schedule with others.

The app has proven to be so useful that some CEOs are even requiring that all their staff add myLife Organizer into their mobile device. This ensures that every person in the team organize their schedule and are able to prioritize. This way, there are no excuses for not getting anything done.

In addition to my Life Organizer, some CEOs and executives are also requiring their staff to adopt the GTD methods of getting things done. GTD is an acronym for Getting Things Done and is a time management strategy created by David Allen, a prominent productivity consultant. Through this method, you record your schedule for the day, which prevents you from having to store everything in your head. This allows you to free your memory, so to speak, and allows you to shift the bulk of your focus on the tasks that lie ahead. According to Allen, mental blocks are often due to lack of planning and relying too much on memory.

Unlike other coaches, Allen suggests completing menial tasks first before moving on to the bigger and more important projects. By getting the small stuff out of the way, your mind can be freed up and can completely concentrate on the main agenda. Since the GTD method was released in 2002, it has received rave reviews from business magazines; among these include The Guardian, Time and Wired magazine. More CEOs are adopting the strategy and introducing it to their employees to ensure greater work productivity. This means everyone knows what to do and do not run around like chickens without a head.

So what does the GTD method has to do with myLife Organizer? The app makes it easier to follow GTD principles; in fact, the app was designed to be compatible with such a method. Through your mobile device, you can meticulously keep track of everything. This includes recording key points outlined at a meeting or keeping tabs of the tasks for the day and crossing them out as they are completed. You can even disseminate your calendar to the rest of the staff, so that they know what their duties are.

Whether you work for a corporation or are a stay-at-home mom, an app like myLife Organizer makes your life a whole lot simpler. Even if you have to do a dozen things at once, you can still keep track of everything and not end up forgetting to do something due to a forgetful mind. Research has shown that taking just 10 to 15 minutes a day to organize your schedule actually ends up saving you time.