The easy days for app developers are officially over. Recently Apples App Store reached 50 billion downloaded apps and over 800 000 apps are available. Competition is getting tough. Until recently it was enough to be first with an idea. Today users are demanding a lot more, a better user experience.

“We believe that the demand for attractive and intuitive apps will evolve into something we call Digital Accessories. This means that the apps not only do what they should, but that users can identify themselves with them, just like with any other accessory. People are wearing their phones and their apps just like they wear a pair of jeans of a certain brand.” says Mats Oljons, Creative Director at Appyend.

Mats Oljons thinks it’s important to get the user emotionally involved with the app. Appyends productivity app, myLife Organizer, is designed with a traditional leather bound paper organizer in mind. The user interface has an analog feel to it. “We wanted the users to have fun while getting more organized. Their lifes should feel as clean and crisp as the apps user interface. We avoided straight lines and added Sticky Notes to make it resemble the tools we use in real life.”

The feedback and reviews Appyend get from their users say they succeeded very well. The users are very involved and send a lot of requests and suggestions. “We recently changed the app icon, and there was an uproar among some users. This doesn’t happen most apps because their users don’t care to that extent.”, says Mats.

Consumers today want to make a statement, not only by using a certain smart phone but also by using appealing apps. Today the operating system of a phone is becoming more important than the hardware itself. “You don’t buy a beautiful phone to use an poorly designed, bad looking app. The apps should be worthy…”, says Mats. “People used to buy shoes to walk in. Now shoes are a way to express ourselves. This is nothing new, but when it comes to software, it’s the next thing.”

Appyend and their myLife Organizer participates in the prestigious Red Dot Award: Communication design 2013 for best app design.

“Many apps on the App Store today are dull, with a generic looking user interface. That includes some of the best selling apps. I think that their days are numbered. It’s time to take apps to the next level.” Mats concludes.